Preparing to sell a house after 30 plus years of ownership can be a daunting experience on many levels.  As soon as my realtor brought Liz Murphy on board, however, the process went from being tedious to truly enjoyable.  Liz has an unmatched sense of color and style. While being sensitive to my needs and wishes, she transformed the home to maximize its appeal. And the proof was in the outcome - the house was under contract within 5 days!    Kudos to Liz.  I recommend her highly.  

Margaret Tribble

Homeowner, Montclair NJ


"Liz is a delight to work with and her decorative transformation of homes during the staging process is nothing short of magic. My clients enjoy her and her sense of humor and thoughtfulness only enhance her vast creative talent for interior design and home decor. She brings a house to it's fullest potential and makes the marketing of it that much easier. I have no doubt that a listing sells for more money if Liz has staged it. I'm happy to have met her and look forward to working with her on many listings in the future."

Kate McDonough

Prominent Properties Sotheby's Realty,

87 Park St.,

Montclair, NJ


"Liz Murphy stages homes beautifully! Without doubt, Liz's work definitely helps a house sell quickly and for the best possible price. She is able to see the homes full potential and present it perfectly, in order to get the best result for the homeowner for a reasonable expense and little hassle."

Frede Merinda

Prominent Properties Sotheby's Realty,

87 Park St.,

Montclair, NJ


What's great about Liz is that she not only has a beautiful sense of design style, but she also knows what will generate excitement and interest in a home that's about to be for sale. When she begins the staging process, she arrives with a Mary Poppins-style bag of goodies that might include anything from twinkling lights to screwdrivers to hand-painted artwork. 

In addition to her skillful work designing and staging, Liz is also a wonderful person, who works tirelessly to please both the homeowner and agent, inevitably resulting in a win-win endeavor!  

Deborah Drucker Dillingham

Sales Agent

Keller Williams REALTY NJ Metro Group


Liz is a brilliant designer and really takes the time to get to know who you are as a person and your style. She worked within our budget and helped us create an environment we were wanting for our family room. She has a great flare for mixing up pieces from modern to traditional and if there is a bargin to be found she will find it. Can't said how happy we were to work with her. She has made our home a wonderful gathering place

Joanne Cetrino

Homeowner, Glen Ridge, New Jersey. 




Liz's sense of style is impeccable, and her sensitivity to color and to optimising space usage is impressive. Equally impressive is Liz's extensive knowledge of furniture and home decor suppliers, large and small. But above all, Liz makes interior design projects pleasurable and stress-free. Her approach is intelligent, professional and flexible - she knows how to help you discover and express your own style. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Liz and recommend her highly; and her pricing represents exceptional value for money

Sarah Hadley,

Montclair, New Jersey, Homeowner


Liz Murphy is the person I turn to whenever I have a design question. Over the past few years she has helped transform and update my living room, suggested perfect paint colors for other spaces, and has generally provided expert guidance and inspiration. She has an unerring sense of design and a keen eye for trends, color and details large and small. I trust her completely and recommend her wholeheartedly

Christina Baker-Kline,

Montclair, New Jersey, Homeowner


Liz's design sense and exquisite taste make every space she puts her hand to transform into a work of livable art. But Liz's superpower is to take your style and personality and build you a home that embraces and expresses who you are. Liz understood what I needed in my home to create the perfect environment for me and my family to live better and closer. Our common spaces went form awkward and cold to warm and inviting, and we spend much more time together because of it. With just a few changes, Liz helped us transform our old, victorian from dark and tired to clean, modern and elegant. Every person who enters my house raves about how lovely it is and its all because of Liz!l

Jamie Wasserman,

Montclair, New Jersey, Homeowner


​"Working with Liz Murphy was a complete delight! What I love most about Liz is that she is the most gifted, yet nicest, and least pretentious designer I have ever worked with. She knew we had a limited budget and yet she transformed our dark, dated home into a stunning, youthful showcase. She walked into each room and could instantly sees how beautiful it could look. The process was efficient and fun and the end result was amazing. I just wish we'd done these changes years ago, so we could have enjoy living in such a beautiful space."

Robin Meretab,

Montclair, New Jersey, Homeowner


​"It has been, and will continue to be, my pleasure to work with Liz Murphy using her wonderful design sense and intuitive strenghts as a stager for my real estate listings. Every listing she has helped me with this spring has seen amazing results of having multiple offers which have netted the seller's substantially more than their asking price. It has helped me let other sellers know the value of of this wonderful profession and specifically Liz's specific tallents. She is always sensitive to each seller's situation and they all have commented on what a lovely cheerful person she is to work with. I feel lucky to have her talents in my back pocket when I speak to sellers about the best way to go about netting them the highest price."

Gretchen Cheney,
Prominent Properties Sotheby's Realty, 87 Park St.,Montclair, NJ


"We recently had the good fortune of having Liz Murphy stage our home. Liz transformed the main living space. It flowed better and came alive! Every room had a clear purpose and photographed beautifully. Record numbers of people attended our open house. We received 5 offers and sold our home within a week for well over the asking price...this would not have happened without her!

Amy & Terry Kirchner.

Homeowner, Nutley New Jersey. 


"Liz Murphy has a gift when it comes to staging a house or adding a sense of color or style to a room. It just comes to her what to put where and how to lay out the room, and the result is sheer brilliance, beauty, style and a fresh look that simply works beyond your wildest imagination. She is an artist by trade and it comes through in her choices of color and accents. I was so nervous about my house selling after having lived there for almost twenty years and it being a bit dull and lifeless. She literally brought it to life and it looked like it belonged in a magazine cover when she was done. And it took her no time to turn it around and spice it up. She was friendly, eager, energetic and fun all through the process making it a much less stressful and anxious event. I wholeheartedly recommend Liz to come in to stage your home if you want it to sell quickly and well over your asking price, and to look beautiful to boot. Liz actually gave me ideas about how to decorate my new space after having staged my home for sale. I am forever grateful to her for launching me from my home with a new and fresh perspective on color and space. Liz is a gem!"

Amy Leib Alexander

Homeowner, Montclair New Jersey. 



With the event of my house going up for sale, Liz Murphy staged it beautifully. As it was in need of a fresh coat of paint throughout, Liz chose all the appropriate colors which only complimented the decor and style of my home. She truly is an amazing colorist and has an fabulous eye for decor.She used the providing decor to stage my home and enhanced it it with schemes and colours of her own. It was the dramatic 'pop' that made my house a home: one that stood out from the others on the market. We worked together on a couple of rooms and I can say she has an easy nature and robust energy. All the work done was completed in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Liz Murphy for the work she does as it truly made a difference to me and my home.

Alexandra Bielski

Homeowner, Montclair New Jersey



Our realtor hired Designer & Home Stager Liz Murphy when we decided to list our house in early 2014. Liz came in and applied her amazing design sensibility to every nook and cranny of our home. It was as though she sprinkled magical fairy dust and our house went from family-friendly cozy (and cluttered!) to House & Beautiful, lean clean and cover-story worthy. But because this is the real world and there are no magical wands that do the work, the incredible staging was all done with lots of hard work and Liz’s incredible talent for optimizing space, color, and her attention to detail.  Within two days of the public open house, we had five firm offers in hand. Amazing. 

Maureen Connolly

Homeowner, Montclair New Jersey