about liz


Born and raised in England, Liz originally studied graphic design at a London art school and, after working at several prestigious design agencies, transitioned seamlessly to interior design. 

Since moving to the United States with her family in 2001, she has broadened her artistic realm and has focused on drawing and painting, amongst other modalities. She illustrated New York Times best-selling children’s books for singer and actress Bernadette Peters and has been commissioned to design and paint large abstract murals for many upscale hotels, corporations, libraries, and schools. She also designed and produced a line of children’s products that were sold across America.


Liz, now based in Montclair, NJ, runs Liz Murphy Designs, a thriving commercial and residential, interior design firm. Since 2013, when she set up her company, she has moved away from staging design and now solely specializes on Interior and exterior design services for her wide-ranging clients.



Liz is fascinated with what drives us, what connects us and what makes us feel alive. She loves to observe how people 'are' and how they interact. Liz appreciates that each space has a different agenda that needs to be considered in depth and treated uniquely. Whether commercial or residential, she aims to create an “emotional heartland - an environment that that feels more human and touches the soul. A place to restore balance. Her design process starts and ends with the human experience.  She understands that 'home' is a space where we gather to celebrate the art of living. It isn’t just a place it’s a feeling.  Lizzie’s agenda is to create a backdrop for the life that will take place there, rather than just creating a show piece or a statement piece, she believes that design that is a framework for life. A framework that allows inner harmony and revitalization. 

When she starts a project, Liz listens with empathy and interest, wanting to understand how she can best consider the feelings of those who will use it. She wants to know who will inhabit the space? What will they do in the space? How will they experience it? How will they connect to each other and the building at large? How can the space enhance well being? How can it upgrade the everyday and create moments of intensity no matter how small? How can it have meaning and atmosphere? How will it engage and stimulate the user? How will it age? 

Liz is also a contemporary abstract artist. Her abstract work sits at the intersection of art and interior design. There is an organic seamless crossover between how she paints and how she designs a room. Aware of how much mass production is out there, Murphy delights in the opportunity of injecting meaning and individuality to spaces with her unique, playful, expressive, painting, reminding us of our own beautiful human imperfection. Through color, theme, scale, style and approach, Liz’s art has the ability to set a mood and influence the energy of the audience. This is what separates from the norm and makes it personal.  For Liz personally, her art practice is a meditative, prayerful process. “The art I produce is a souvenir from my journey tapping into my soul, connecting to the Divine.”   


To find out more about Liz's paintings and how to commissions a piece specific to your space, please visit www.lizmurphystudio.com